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Welcome to our Web site, where you will find a wealth of information in the form of newsletters, articles, calculators, and research reports. We hope your visit will help you understand the opportunities and potential rewards that are available when you take a proactive approach to college planning. We have created this Web site to help you gain a better understanding of the paying for college process and to help you better understand the strategies available to families who are planning for college.

We believe that paying for college doesn't take place in a vacuum. The college years are some of the most expensive years in many of our lives. Families are either going to spend more money or obligate themselves to spend more money in a shorter period of time than perhaps any other time in their lives.

Like dropping a pebble in a glass like pond -  every dollar you spend or borrow for college, is going to have a ripple effect on your personal savings. Teaching families to be as efficient as possible with money is critical to developing a successful strategy.

We are here to help educate you about the college planning process and to help you better understand how to make your money work as efficiently as possible.  We hope you take advantage of all of the resources on our site and that you visit us often. Be sure to add our site to your list of "favorites" in your internet browser. We frequently update our information, and we wouldn't want you to miss any developments in the area of college planning and personal finance.

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